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From our company’s headquarters in New Jersey, we at Patriot Consulting have built a business model and infrastructure to serve our clients around the country. Boasting a reputation for integrity and forward-thinking tech solutions, Patriot Consulting has grown into the consulting and IT staffing agency that it is today.

Offering effective IT solutions such as Oracle, SAP, SharePoint and Java, Patriot Consulting has a number of solutions to legitimize your IT efforts and provide manageable, digestible reporting. We understand the rigors of running a business, and we’ve designed our IT staffing offerings to meet those problems head on.

The effectiveness of our IT staffing agency is setting the bar across the country due to:


Because of the amount of training and service that we’ve exercised with industry leading products such as Oracle, SAP, BI, SharePoint and more, we’re highly efficient and intimately familiar with all systems utilized.


Patriot Consulting has had the pleasure of working with many clients and programs for IT staffing services. We look forward to taking a custom tailored approach to managing your business’ IT solutions and addressing each of your unique requirements.


The effectiveness of Patriot Consulting’s business model enables them to service a client’s needs with speed. We’ll accommodate whatever comes up and work within your parameters, on your playing field.


Patriot Consulting hires only the top-tier candidates. When you hire our IT staffing agency, you can be sure that you’ve found the cream of the crop in IT solutions for your business.


The scope of Patriot Consulting allows us to serve businesses from coast to coast. Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas, New York, California and everywhere in between, Patriot Consulting can follow you wherever your business goes.

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